Mark and Joanne Darby were the revelation for me at this Conference. What a couple, he is a very special, humble and simple man. She is an incredible yogini with the most remarkable stories. a Mysore love story. they lived in India, they had a baby in India in the 70´s!! Guruji married them... he put them together when Darby had no more money and she had to take him in her house behind the shala. "Darby is a good man", he told her "you have plenty space, you take him". too good. 
he is scientist, every touch is like a magic alignment and you feel light. Got some good stuff from him. The padmasana won a bit of lung space with his touch, the matshyasana a new tip ;) and the Sirsasana
felt just perfect. 
She did not adjust me, well maybe next time :)


Today is Krisnamacharya birthday. This man actually made possible that today yoga is spread and known as we know it. Blessings to him. 

“To the yogi, all experience is seen as one, as a means to help him cultivate devotion.” 

“Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” 

~ Krishnamacharya ~

*Love and peace*


on the 4th day of the conference my internet was off... I accepted it very calmly, what else could I actually do, the Universe was telling me to focus on this amazing time I was given with fabulous teachers... 
the energy becomes more gentle, we all know each other by now. Practicing around 100 people is quite impressive an the energy is amazingly good. And we had the world in a room, all continents were there, Africa, Asia, America, Europe.  Its a family. Ashtanga love is shared around.
On my Virabhadrasana A I felt these soft hands pulling my harms outwards, I couldn't really see who it was but I had to I looked back and saw Manju... what a warm feeling, he is the sweetness in person :)
Drop backs with Mark Darby felt good, strong yet smooth...
We had Prem and Radha talking in the afternoon and it was Prem´s birthday! very special and they looked really happy with the out come of the event. Obviously a lot of emotions still to digest but believe the practice and they´re commitment with the inner world is holding them strong. Shanti is in our hearts.
We talked about Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga and how much our life style and what we eat can influence our well being. I am a vata pita person ;) I must take care that my vata (space and air) doesn't take me to outer space!! ahah. Actually today cooked ghee and came out pretty good. And eat the kitcheri that very sweet Inge left for us, pretty good. And having my new-feels like I know him since ever friend- Rafa who is a great chef we are having amazing meals in the house! he always comes out with some idea, today he brought Durian... well not so sure about that smell! :)

After the ladies day I could come back to the morning Puspa Puja with Annie Pace. She called me the flower girl, so sweet. Puspa means flower in sanscrit.  

Practice and learn, all is coming.

वन्दे गुरूणां चरणारविन्दे
सन्दर्शित स्वात्म सुखाव बोधे ।
vande gurūṇāṁ caraṇāravinde
sandarśita svātma sukhāva bodhe |
I bow to the lotus feet of our great teachers,
who uncovers our true self and awakens happiness

*love, yoga and great teachers*


I knew it would come... my moon day arrived yesterday afternoon so I took easy today, no mula bandha, did my standing and then set down with Siri and enjoyed to watch the practice. what an incredible feeling, its good to watch!!!
a beautiful shala in Ananda Cotagges in the middle of the Balinese rice fields. we are blessed. thanks to Prem and Radha who did this event.
I was talking to Manju, what a sweet person and love his golden teeth! 
Mark Darby has been a revelation, the scientist of the details has Eagle defined and he is right. Eagle is another cool Hawai ashtangi assisting the teachers of the panel.  
the afternoon talk with Dany Paradise was incredible. shamanism and yoga was the topic. all is connected and we must connect ourselves. a road full of magic once again. He is a very human yogi and yoga brought him a lot. He is a musician and yoga took him to the top musicians of the world. He taught Sting and made tours with him teaching yoga. he taught Paul Simon, Madonna, John McEnroe, you name it... amazing how humble, peaceful, attentive and generous Danny Paradise is. this is yoga.
I feel blessed.

how to embrace life, suggestions from the teachers
practice, practice, practice
stay present
be truthful
be content
live fully
love deeply
stay positive
be wild
go free
smile, smile, smile
practice, practice, practice

*love and gratitude*


picking up frangi pains from my garden is my morning ritual for the ashtanga conference. fresh, with a divine aroma, the flowers are used for the opening puja with Annie Pace that I am privilege to follow every morning. after washing and purifying our hands we chant a mantra to Ganesh and offer flowers to all the images in the altar. Parvati, Pathabi Jois, Shanti... we bless and ask protection. we share the energy with the room that by then is already filling up with devoted ashtangis from all over the world. 
"more heart, less head" that´s the sentence I kept from my practice today. Annie Pace about my upward dog. do it with heart is anyways always the secret***
the afternoon with David Wiiliams was hilarious, what a great story teller. and what a great life! he was full on, Woodstock, Hawai, magic bus crossing Europe, pretty girls (Debbie was incredible!), India, fun, yoga, lots of yoga. David Williams has lots of magic to share. 
can't wait for tomorrow
Aloha, hello, good-bye and I love you

*love, aloha and ashtanga*


What a bless! After some intensive days helping prem and Radha setting up everything finally today was the big day. Everybody is in such a good vib...

Had the privilege to start the morning following the Puja  with Annie pace as I had bought the flowers for the altar. Like another window of knowledge I want to learn.

After the opening mantra with Manju Jois... the Shala was so hot I was sweating before practice! Beautiful energy. People from Corea, Brasil, the Philippines (sorry for the horrible typhoon...), South Africa, all parts of Europe... Actually they make the event happen.

Then learned a new dristi from David Williams for padagustasana!! That come actually with a Jalandara Bandha. 
Then Danny paradise adjusted me supta k and did drop backs with him. At the end Mark Darby gave a subtle touch in sirsasana! Good start. Mantras with manju Jois for the afternoon and sweet stories from patabhi jois. An interesting question pistachio put: why ashtangis rest Saturdays? Manju said its the oil day in India!! Castor oil and bath... ;)

The night panel was full of stories and each teacher explained how they started. Promess will tell. Now I really must sleep. Tired tired but happy***

*love and ashtanga yoga* 


É um sonho antigo e agora começa a ganhar forma.. ainda é um recém-nascido mas já viu a luz do dia! *Yoga-me* wear!!
É um projecto que conta com a magia da minha irmã Leonor, artista, ashtangi, sonhadora, temos uma ideia muito cool sobre roupa de yoga que espero que gostem. Encontrei uma costureira, tudo será feito à mão, high-end, sexy, confortável feito para nós meninas!!   
Yes its true it has been a dream for long and now I am turning into reality... its still a new born but it came out!! *Yoga-me* wear!! I am building (with the help of the magic of my sister Leonor-artist-ashtangi-dreamer) a very cool idea for yoga clothes. I found a tailor, all will be hand-made, high end, sexy, comfortable and made for us girls!! (sorry boys, maybe if I turn to be a famous yoga-fashion-designer ahah) 

firstprototypes#hopeyouenjoy#madewithlove#madeforealyogagirls#feelgood#create a better world

and of corse the most exciting week for the Ashtanga Bali Conference just started! countdown to 6 ashtangi days with practice, stories, gathering, having fun in the enlightenment path, how cool is that! 

The shala today had already a diferente vibe, so many friends reuniting to share the same passion for Ashtanga Yoga. When I arrived it was almost full (my place was gone today ahaha) and the mood is starting to grow. Felt butterflies in my tummy ;) 
we all want to be feet for enjoying these teachers as much as possible. Had a good practice today, sweat a lot as the room is filling with students coming form all over the world for an ashtangi gathering! Dear Lila will post as much as possible so you can feel a bit the ambience and share it with your little ashtangi joining soon in this world***

Check routine day
wake up before sunrise 
drink water
drink coffee 
start my day helping Radha in the Conference
sharing to the world how amazing life is and that all depends in our minds
enjoy the week, keep your energy and nourish it!

and tomorrow my baby Johanna will be 5, no more babies... :)

*love and dreams*


aqui vou eu Índia!! 
yehh!! its true I am going to India for a in tire month to practice with Sharath Jois, the grand son of Pathabi Jois! 
got the ticket, Mysore I am coming, its a reality for January 2014.

Feel blessed.
Be grateful to life.
The ashtanga practice, the 8 limbs of yoga, 8 steps for a purposeful and meaningfull life. 
Life is really about the story you tell yourself
Stay quite, thats what I did today, enjoyed Kuningan day homy and calmly. 
eat healthy... well not so sure just ordered a pizza ahah
enjoy the first rain of the season and the smell of the earth and the thunders of nature (welcome rainy season in Bali!)
remember a report (with Eddie Stern) I did for the opening of the shala of my first yoga teacher in the amazing journey in the Ashtanga** thank you Isa Guitana for re-posting ;)

Selamat Kunningan, Happy Halloween, happy Diwali, Dia dos mortos.. how incredible such different cultures honour the ancestors and celebrate the lives of whom departed at the same time.
The day of the deads is rooted in the aztecs and the celtics, a pagan holiday that comes from samhain that worships the end of the harvest season and beginning of the winter. In Ubud the rainy season started! and finished the 10-day-Galungan-Kuningan-celebration. Time for the ancestor spirits to go back to the gods :)

tomorrow total Sun Eclipse in New Moon! A new beginning for many of us! and no practice for us ashtangis** enjoy the energy, scorpio is challenging :)

Intense times in intense Ubud. 

*love, protection and visions*