picking up frangi pains from my garden is my morning ritual for the ashtanga conference. fresh, with a divine aroma, the flowers are used for the opening puja with Annie Pace that I am privilege to follow every morning. after washing and purifying our hands we chant a mantra to Ganesh and offer flowers to all the images in the altar. Parvati, Pathabi Jois, Shanti... we bless and ask protection. we share the energy with the room that by then is already filling up with devoted ashtangis from all over the world. 
"more heart, less head" that´s the sentence I kept from my practice today. Annie Pace about my upward dog. do it with heart is anyways always the secret***
the afternoon with David Wiiliams was hilarious, what a great story teller. and what a great life! he was full on, Woodstock, Hawai, magic bus crossing Europe, pretty girls (Debbie was incredible!), India, fun, yoga, lots of yoga. David Williams has lots of magic to share. 
can't wait for tomorrow
Aloha, hello, good-bye and I love you

*love, aloha and ashtanga*


  1. good energy from filipa! thanks!

  2. you are all heart. always. obrigada por partilhares com quem está longe mas perto... love and miss you... teresa