I knew it would come... my moon day arrived yesterday afternoon so I took easy today, no mula bandha, did my standing and then set down with Siri and enjoyed to watch the practice. what an incredible feeling, its good to watch!!!
a beautiful shala in Ananda Cotagges in the middle of the Balinese rice fields. we are blessed. thanks to Prem and Radha who did this event.
I was talking to Manju, what a sweet person and love his golden teeth! 
Mark Darby has been a revelation, the scientist of the details has Eagle defined and he is right. Eagle is another cool Hawai ashtangi assisting the teachers of the panel.  
the afternoon talk with Dany Paradise was incredible. shamanism and yoga was the topic. all is connected and we must connect ourselves. a road full of magic once again. He is a very human yogi and yoga brought him a lot. He is a musician and yoga took him to the top musicians of the world. He taught Sting and made tours with him teaching yoga. he taught Paul Simon, Madonna, John McEnroe, you name it... amazing how humble, peaceful, attentive and generous Danny Paradise is. this is yoga.
I feel blessed.

how to embrace life, suggestions from the teachers
practice, practice, practice
stay present
be truthful
be content
live fully
love deeply
stay positive
be wild
go free
smile, smile, smile
practice, practice, practice

*love and gratitude*

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