on the 4th day of the conference my internet was off... I accepted it very calmly, what else could I actually do, the Universe was telling me to focus on this amazing time I was given with fabulous teachers... 
the energy becomes more gentle, we all know each other by now. Practicing around 100 people is quite impressive an the energy is amazingly good. And we had the world in a room, all continents were there, Africa, Asia, America, Europe.  Its a family. Ashtanga love is shared around.
On my Virabhadrasana A I felt these soft hands pulling my harms outwards, I couldn't really see who it was but I had to I looked back and saw Manju... what a warm feeling, he is the sweetness in person :)
Drop backs with Mark Darby felt good, strong yet smooth...
We had Prem and Radha talking in the afternoon and it was Prem´s birthday! very special and they looked really happy with the out come of the event. Obviously a lot of emotions still to digest but believe the practice and they´re commitment with the inner world is holding them strong. Shanti is in our hearts.
We talked about Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga and how much our life style and what we eat can influence our well being. I am a vata pita person ;) I must take care that my vata (space and air) doesn't take me to outer space!! ahah. Actually today cooked ghee and came out pretty good. And eat the kitcheri that very sweet Inge left for us, pretty good. And having my new-feels like I know him since ever friend- Rafa who is a great chef we are having amazing meals in the house! he always comes out with some idea, today he brought Durian... well not so sure about that smell! :)

After the ladies day I could come back to the morning Puspa Puja with Annie Pace. She called me the flower girl, so sweet. Puspa means flower in sanscrit.  

Practice and learn, all is coming.

वन्दे गुरूणां चरणारविन्दे
सन्दर्शित स्वात्म सुखाव बोधे ।
vande gurūṇāṁ caraṇāravinde
sandarśita svātma sukhāva bodhe |
I bow to the lotus feet of our great teachers,
who uncovers our true self and awakens happiness

*love, yoga and great teachers*

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