love letter to 2015


Dear 2015

I want to tell you I love you - and I love you exactly as you are. with your good and bad days, sunny or rainy days, happy or sad, spacey or grounded.. I love for your wisdom that you gently offered to me, for making me stronger and better each day. for giving me the support when I needed but also advising me stop when that was the case. 

I also love you for making me taking hard decisions not knowing if they were the best and accepting them as anyways you told me that they were to happen exactly as they happened. 
I want to thank you for all the opportunities you gave me, I traveled, I lived in many places Goa, Mysore, Ubud, Estoril, Murches... I met wonderful people, friends for life which will always be in my life, I practiced yoga in amazing shalas with amazing teachers and friends, you gave me the opportunity to meet beautiful students. thank you for showing me that my heart in enough. 

thank you for showing the family path can be very intense and difficult but the great lesson is to grow together and evolve in our evolution. thank you for showing my angels are guiding lights of the Universe that are here to teach me unconditional love. they are my big Gurus and I am blessed to have these 2 healers next to me every day smiling and challenging me. they are a source of light and love. thank you for this 8th year journey and many more to come. 

thank you for putting me in the path of leaders, spiritual teachers who show me every day I am my  own biggest teacher. thank you for giving me circle and showing the eternal path I am seeking since a girl - to be free. this is my big call - FREEDOM, it really is me.

thank you for the new beginnings and the for gently closing some doors opening others so I understand my directions and real path. and for giving me the force to continue and carry on.

thank you for giving me this time to thank you. I feel more complete, more real, more grounded, more woman, more beautiful and more peaceful. I know this is still a big way but I can see clarity. Yes thank you for the clarity. for the meditation comments and deep insights. they are a daily bless. 

thank you for letting me apologize when I was not at my best and for the support of brothers and sisters I have all around the world - a community of conscious people wanting the better and only love. 

thank you for helping to see my business as a source for me and the planet. and for guiding in this life of constant change. thank you for the big moments of doubts and fear release - you 2015, you brought me to a place where I had to deal with my ghosts and learn to take care of myself properly and rest. you brought me a sense of love for myself, seeing age as a bless and peace place where only love matters. 

thank you for teaching me. 
thank you for showing me how blessed once again we are for being here. I am grateful to you 2015. for the love, the kindness, the turbulences, the forgiveness. 

forever grateful

we are a body


e o meu joelho voltou a fazer das suas. estava quase boa, já fazia padmasanas devagarinho.. e foi numa aula a ajustar uma aluna que bloqueou. e depois inflamou. e tem sido uma semana de dores, todo o meu corpo ficou dorido com os músculos a compensar o lado que está ferido. 
tenho tomado consciência na forma como o meu corpo reage à dor e como os músculos contraem na tentativa de equilibrar todo o sistema que ficou desequilibrado. e penso como isso acontece com todos nós quando nos aleijamos. o corpo humano é magnífico e estes momentos em que sentimos que somos um corpo são, na realidade, momentos de grande aprendizagem e crescimento. quero saber como tudo funciona e resigno-me a pensar que tenho de acalmar, parar até, não fazer tanto e dar lugar a um processo de cura e paciência. e tomar ainda mais conta de mim. 

and my knee came back... it was almost good, as slowly doing full padmasanas already.. when in a class adjusting a student it blocked! and then inflamed. since then it has been a week of pain, with my whole body feeling sore on the other muscles to compensate the injured side.
I have become aware how my body reacts to pain and how muscles contract in an attempt to balance the entire system that is unbalanced. the human body is beautiful and these moments when we feel we have a body are actually moments of great learnings and growth. I want to know how everything works and resign myself to think that I have to calm down, to eventually stop, connect with the healing process and be patience. and take even more care of myself.