É um sonho antigo e agora começa a ganhar forma.. ainda é um recém-nascido mas já viu a luz do dia! *Yoga-me* wear!!
É um projecto que conta com a magia da minha irmã Leonor, artista, ashtangi, sonhadora, temos uma ideia muito cool sobre roupa de yoga que espero que gostem. Encontrei uma costureira, tudo será feito à mão, high-end, sexy, confortável feito para nós meninas!!   
Yes its true it has been a dream for long and now I am turning into reality... its still a new born but it came out!! *Yoga-me* wear!! I am building (with the help of the magic of my sister Leonor-artist-ashtangi-dreamer) a very cool idea for yoga clothes. I found a tailor, all will be hand-made, high end, sexy, comfortable and made for us girls!! (sorry boys, maybe if I turn to be a famous yoga-fashion-designer ahah) 

firstprototypes#hopeyouenjoy#madewithlove#madeforealyogagirls#feelgood#create a better world

and of corse the most exciting week for the Ashtanga Bali Conference just started! countdown to 6 ashtangi days with practice, stories, gathering, having fun in the enlightenment path, how cool is that! 

The shala today had already a diferente vibe, so many friends reuniting to share the same passion for Ashtanga Yoga. When I arrived it was almost full (my place was gone today ahaha) and the mood is starting to grow. Felt butterflies in my tummy ;) 
we all want to be feet for enjoying these teachers as much as possible. Had a good practice today, sweat a lot as the room is filling with students coming form all over the world for an ashtangi gathering! Dear Lila will post as much as possible so you can feel a bit the ambience and share it with your little ashtangi joining soon in this world***

Check routine day
wake up before sunrise 
drink water
drink coffee 
start my day helping Radha in the Conference
sharing to the world how amazing life is and that all depends in our minds
enjoy the week, keep your energy and nourish it!

and tomorrow my baby Johanna will be 5, no more babies... :)

*love and dreams*

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  1. :) thank you for the sweet words!
    my 'magic' and your power of persuation will be a perfect combination!

    om shanti om