aqui vou eu Índia!! 
yehh!! its true I am going to India for a in tire month to practice with Sharath Jois, the grand son of Pathabi Jois! 
got the ticket, Mysore I am coming, its a reality for January 2014.

Feel blessed.
Be grateful to life.
The ashtanga practice, the 8 limbs of yoga, 8 steps for a purposeful and meaningfull life. 
Life is really about the story you tell yourself
Stay quite, thats what I did today, enjoyed Kuningan day homy and calmly. 
eat healthy... well not so sure just ordered a pizza ahah
enjoy the first rain of the season and the smell of the earth and the thunders of nature (welcome rainy season in Bali!)
remember a report (with Eddie Stern) I did for the opening of the shala of my first yoga teacher in the amazing journey in the Ashtanga** thank you Isa Guitana for re-posting ;)

Selamat Kunningan, Happy Halloween, happy Diwali, Dia dos mortos.. how incredible such different cultures honour the ancestors and celebrate the lives of whom departed at the same time.
The day of the deads is rooted in the aztecs and the celtics, a pagan holiday that comes from samhain that worships the end of the harvest season and beginning of the winter. In Ubud the rainy season started! and finished the 10-day-Galungan-Kuningan-celebration. Time for the ancestor spirits to go back to the gods :)

tomorrow total Sun Eclipse in New Moon! A new beginning for many of us! and no practice for us ashtangis** enjoy the energy, scorpio is challenging :)

Intense times in intense Ubud. 

*love, protection and visions* 

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  1. I really liked your religious associations ;) keep going, keep researching, life is a university!