the spiritual journey


its my second visit to India, the first time it changed me, this time became home. the magic of this place is real. might not be for everybody, certainly some people will think its a nice to place to spend some time and just "check it out", for others has been a temporary home for many years, for me became another home. ok my concept of home is quite opened as I am fortuned to have lived in many different places, i am a gypsy by nature and life. but maybe because of that not every place makes me feel home. India definitely has that love power over me. 

after growing up in Macau, and spending the 20´s in europe and discovering Africa, the 30´s brought me back to Asia. being in Bali for more then 2 years now i feel really grateful and blessed, it has been the most beautiful experience.. to live in such a spiritual place so full of love and beauty. 

India came later in my life, I don't really know why, guess I needed to meet West when everybody was discovering East... but it definitely came in a right moment, all comes when you are ready, right? I am grown up enough to know now what I resemble with. Bali brought me to the way and apart of my relation with the very healing energy there, not always easy, certainly fulfilling and heart opening,  India is different.
I know it is part of my journey, my spiritual discovery. that seeking of wanting to understand what I am doing here that was always present in me, wanting to know about that place where I know I will be myself and free! 
the last conference Sharath emphasised once again the importance of this path. its not just a trend, or a how-cool-is-to-be-a-spiritual-kind-of-person... he told to many students that come to Mysore nowadays, «the Bhagavad Gita says this yoga is not new, it has been there for millions and millions of years. all the rishis and the saints, the sadhus and the sannyasis, the spiritual people have been practicing for many many years to achieve higher Consciousness, to take us to the Divine, to understand this Life. this is Higher Consciousness. once you get connected to the Divine, that is  where Spirituality is» explained  Sharath. so where is that Spirituality, how can I get it? «its not just going to the Temple, sitting there and after doing bad things. Spirituality means the Transformation which happens within us». 
so discover it! you need to practice, do your Sadhana. and devote yourself to a guru. and keep going,   its not out there being sold in a market. you ought to feel it. and this is the real life, this is what life is about. and feels so good.

photo credits to Tiago d´Oliveira, a very talented Portuguese photographer living half in Mysore, half in England and other places, that captures special moments of the journey. my expression sums it all. 
for some reason i cant explain this post was written in English and I will just keep it like that.


  1. Definitely yoga is something long time ago, and people do combine it with meditation to help calm down the mind and be mindful. Myself do continue practice Yoga too, please feel free see my blog at