fairy land · boom festival 2016


and this was definitely another epic boom edition. 
after the 2014 avalanche, the boom team positively surprised again with the best and offered one week of magical transformation for about 35.000 (or more? :)  people that will then spread the love and the vibes, conscious that we are together in this planet for something which is more real then anything else... 
to boom festival people came together to experience oneness and love ~ living and growing the consciousness in the hearts and therefore in the whole planet. living the land is part of the boom experience, respecting roots and the dreams of the creator...we are the creator and co-creators of your dreams... 
this was the shamanic year in boom land so we prayed and listened to the shamans who inspired us all to embrace the energy´s spirits of the land ~ such touching souls and clear eyes coming from this men women and children whose only message is love and divine connection. 
all the Shamans together lighted the flame of the sacred fire who then hold the energy of the sun throughout the festival, many ceremonies were celebrated honoring the goddesses and the gods, the ancesters and the living souls.. such beauty comes into our hearts in this moments... loving ceremonies.. so we can then continue our lives with our hearts opened and the seed of change planted in each soul. 

I danced to bits and thats the best part for me as dancing frees me and my inner self and with yoga practice incorporated in my body it feels so good to be flexible and strong and not stoping to dance feeling the connection with the dancers around me.. I danced with such amazing people there was this tall guy with this round small vintage sunglasses and the connection just started growing ~we end up dancing with your arms and hands in such a magical way as only fairy and elf can create, we didn´t talk for one sec he didn´t even look into my eyes ever and I smiled for that was such a divine moment. I still found him on another dance camp and finally never saw him again. but I have that dance forever in my heart...

my fairies Zen and Marta ~ only a higher cosmic being can make 3 different girls from Bali together in Portugal for a week like this ~ we totally lived epic moments together those we will be still telling our grandchildren and from this amazing gathering fruits will come... we know that ~ right fairy dragon sisters? yeahhhh ~ I totally love you!!

liminal village was top with amazing lectures about the new world and how money has to change its ways going into the hands of the ones like us who wishes nature and men to live in perfect harmony so we can co-create ways of living sustainable and in beauty.. healing fields had the best beach for me (have to admit I dint walk to funky beach...) but I walked and walked and walked until even my ashtangi muscles could feel, I slept under the trees, I practiced yoga, I laughed and cried, I had definitely an amazing time!! now stay tuned a new festival (first edition of Be-In was last year) is coming ~ Being ~ in the same land, more spiritual for us all to connect again and be wild and free! see you then <3  

photo credits to Niki and Marta ~ my phone died approximately 2 hours after I arrived and I was out... thank you for the care takers!

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