Drasilah, I honor your divine energy


my dragon rider
grounding and calm energy
supportive from the heart
unconditional love
you are magical and angelic
a true queen of hearts

i remember the first time i saw you, your blond wavy beautiful hair... you look like a fairy and you feel like one. I connected with your energy and I am deeply deeply blessed and grateful I met you. you supported me in a big change of my life and I will always grateful for always being there.

you are as Goddess Saraswati which I feel you have so much the same energy
I honor you

this is the final ceremony of a beautiful journey, the highest portal to pass, where the subject is only eternity, taught by the Ultimate Muse, the Goddess of Wisdom Sarasvati/Drasilah.
dressed in robes of light, a sari spotlessly white, seated upon a lotus flower, her goddesses all rejoice, at the music of Her voice as the words begin to dance, deep in ecstatic trance, they chant their tones in secret whispers
up, up to the Immortal Divine,
where drunken on ecstatic wine, we will at last climb to the sublime,
to embrace our long eternal LOVE.

thank you Drasilah, you are for me a real human form of my Goddess Saraswati and a big inspiration as a mother, woman, goddess, queen and star. eternally gratefull.

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