the path of union - the desunited kingdom


desde que dei um «break» ao mundo das hard news que pouco ou nada falo sobre política ou sobre o que chamam de política nos dias que vivemos. tenho feito raras excepções quando sinto que devo fazer. hoje é um desses dias. 
a propósito do Reino Unido. porquê? porque venceu o não yoga - venceu o medo, venceu a desunião. venceu, na minha modesta opinião, o contrário do que o yoga manifesta. 
Yoga é união em sânscrito, união do corpo e da mente, é o caminho para chegar à unidade que, em última instância, nos leva ao supremo espírito em que somos um com o todo. é essa a nossa verdadeira essência, a essência da humanidade que nos levará à liberdade. yoga é liberdade. e enquanto o caminho for a separação, a dualidade, a divisão vamos sofrer. este sofrimento porventura faz parte do caminho mas é e será doloroso porque não nos completa, como um e como uma comunidade. 
entendo que tudo acontece porque tem de acontecer e, nesse sentido, o Reino Unido desuniu-se dos outros porque tinha de ser. porventura para nos acordar, para entendermos que não é essa a direcção e que se não acordarmos o sofrimento universal vai continuar. 
senti tristreza mas aceito. foi a escolha que foi feita, mesmo que não reflita a energia que a maioria do mundo quer. e daqui pensar que o trabalho de quem pratica yoga é cada vez mais forte. a mim tornou-se ainda mais claro: a liberdade, o espírito, a união - raison d´être da humanidade. 

since I gave a «break» on the hard news world that little or none at all I talk about politics or about what they call politics on the days we live in. I have done a few exceptions when I felt I had to. today is one of those days.
about the United Kingdom decision to leave the EU. why? because it won the non yoga, it won the fear, it won disunity. it did win, in my humble opinion, the opposite of what yoga manifests.
Yoga means union in Sanskrit, union of the body and the mind, it is the path of union that ultimately leads to the supreme spirit in which we are one with the whole. that is our true essence, the essence of humanity that will lead us to the most wanted freedom. yoga is freedom. while the path is separation, duality, division we will continue and spread the suffer. this suffering perhaps is part of the way but it is and will be painful as its doesn't complete us, as one and as a community. 
I believe in the say that everything happens because it is meant to be and, in this sense, the United Kingdom desunited itself  from the others because it had to be. perhaps to wake us up, to understand that this is not the direction and if we don´t wake up the universal suffering will remain.
I felt sad but accepted. It was the choice that was made, even if it does not reflect the energy that most of the world wishes for. and hence the work of those who practice yoga got stronger. to me it became clearer: freedom, spirit, unity, oneness - the humankind´s raison d´être. 

ps: photo credits to my beautiful friend Rita Ferro Alvim


  1. Yoga wasn't 'Union' for Patanjali of course.
    Personally I would have voted to remain because it suited me to be able to work around Europe however I understand why and am not surprised. I don't think it's fear, they tried to scare them into remaining with horror stories of what would happen to the economy but deep down the UK has never been comfortable being part of the EU project, Sovereignty lies in Parliament for the British not Brussels, that deep down was the instinct that led to the Leave vote winning the referendum. Basically we have an island mentality.

    1. thank you Anthony for your mark which I appreciate and understand, UK has been always different in its island energy, totally true. and most of the times very smart, as a Portuguese I can think of a few treaties very well done :) at the end I just wish us all the best of luck - may we be happy may we be free... maybe I am dreamer but I do believe in union on the consciousness of the planet.