um texto sobre a experiência boom 2014 para o este ano foi um boom diferente,mais gente, menos reservado, mas amei. Obrigada Beta Lisboa, sister in boom, we had a blast and next time again! see you in two years boom!
para ler basta clicar aqui! enjoy the love!

wrote about my experience in boom this year, was intense and amazing as usual. this year boom was crowded, 152 nationalities from all over the world as far as Australia and NZ, impressive and amazing! we welcome who comes for the love, Portugal at its best.
It was a feminine festival and I had a great time with my brasilian sis Beta Lisboa, we had a blast! thank you darling, continue your amazing work and I hope to have you here doing it ;)
if you want to have a look in the article click here enjoy the love!

*love, feminine and boom*

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