sometimes one just feels overwhelmed... i must admit i really felt the warmth of each one of you that visited me, that tried my clothes, that gave me the strength to continue doing this dream that started as me doing jumpsuits for myself :)
obrigada a todas as deusas lindas que me visitaram, escolheram as minhas peças, são a minha inspiração! com uma ajuda assim, vou continuar!!
here some of my goddess girls wearing some of the clothes I brought from Bali.
thank you dear Liz for being so beautiful.

 my gratitude to my sister Silvia, i love you so much. and you look amazing in my modal jumpsuit :)

the casa vinyasa girls wearing tops and shorts, how great they look!

and thank you all my beloved friends for having my rudraskas, I really feel it from the top of my heart that you can enjoy these precious seeds, Shiva´s tears...
Benny looks so good! Boys, anybody else wanting to become more cool and daring, I tell you women love it!!

*lots of love, amor and gratitude*

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